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By giving readers a sense of empowerment and highlighting the importance of being makers, Kappaim actively encourages children to develop their basic life skills.

Four issues of Kappaim

The home issue unfolds like the opening of a toolbox

An Independent Magazine

Kappaim, meaning hands as well as applause in Hebrew, is an educational platform for teaching and improving basic life skills for children aged ten and up.

This independent publication consists of four issues, each addressing one subject — body, home, garden, and food. Each issue is folded in a unique way that refers to the actual working space of the content in everyday life. As such, they create a temporary working space by themselves.

Children, as well as adults, can engage with each issue independently or as a family. The complexity of the different folding systems enables learning through interaction, discovery at different levels of reading, and allowing for a deeper and more focused reading experience. The emphasis of the project lies on experiencing and learning by actively engaging with the material.

The home issue | Cleaning our home

The Home Issue

The first issue focuses on teaching essential household skills.
These include instructions for how to clean different appliances and surfaces with homemade organic products, how to make the bed, how to use different tools to fix things around the house, how to sew buttons and more. Hand gestures illustrate the actions in each instruction.

The home issue | How to sew a button

The home issue | What to clean with sodium bicarbonate

The home issue | How to make the bed

The Garden Issue

This issue is dedicated to growing your own food based on urban agriculture principles. Folded into four pockets, the larger format acts as a calendar with one pocket for every season. Each pocket includes postcards illustrating how the seasonal herbs and vegetables grow, and how you can plant them in your garden. Small seed envelopes with instructions for making seed-bombs are also included, and aim to encourage urban agricultural activism by creating random communal edible gardens in neglected and abandoned parts of the city.

The garden issue acts as a calendar folded into four pockets, one for every season

The garden issue | Illustrating how the vegetables we buy grow in nature

The Food Issue

The food issue is essentially a guide for a dozen basic healthy meals anyone could prepare. It consists of three printed ‘tablecloths’: breakfast, lunch and dinner, each one presents four seasonal recipes, with images for all ingredients set as the meal itself.

The food issue | The breakfast edition

The food issue | Unfolded breakfast issue

The food issue | The lunch edition

The food issue | The dinner edition with extra plates for guests | 120 x 180 cm

The food issue | Winter recipe for baked carrots, garlic, potatoes and sweet potatoes with rosemary and olive oil

Food for Thought

Every issue includes an opinion article to provide a comprehensive perspective and allow for mental development towards social and economic responsibility.