Art Direction
Campaign Identity


Branding: We Are Halo
Creative Direction: Unfurl.Studio
Animation: Panda Flipside



Bankuet is an online food bank donation service - they get food banks what they need, when they need it, while making it easier for donors to give.

I signed up as a vulnteer in the beginning of the first lockdown, and have been working with the fantastic content team on a range of projects ever since. I am proud and grateful to be a Bankueteer!



We wanted to add a mark to the logo, something that sums up the spirit of Bankuet in a really simple way - one that celebrates "a growing kindness", and the sense of community we all feel being part of Bankuet. 


The brand assets that We Are Halo have created are a delight to work with while illustrating narratives for all of Bankuet's needs: social media posts, campaign identity, fundraising campaign assets, web pages, decks, reports, newsletters and more. The broad colour palette enables versatility and the cut-out style of the illustrations is warm, friendly and fun to create new items and icons with. 

Co-Art Direction

Naomi Ellis of Unfurl.Studio and I have co-art directed a series of videos animated by Mike Stafford-Curtis of Panda Flipside. Here is the first two:

Corporate Partnerships

A designated page on Bankuet's website for corporate partnerships, where icons were added and the visual identety was adapted to  look slicker for business oriented communications. 

The BIG EAT IN Campaign

BIG EAT IN was launched in June to help feed food banks across the UK. Designed to maximise external participation and donation through warm, clear and inviting visuals - Bankuet invited the public to "make a meal, donate a meal". Simply recreate a meal at home from your favourite restaurant, pub or takeout and donate the amount you would have paid to a food bank through Bankuet.

Over just two and half weeks, and with 0 paid ads, the campaign raised nearly £37,000.


Annual Impact Report

Bankuet's first ever Annual report shows the impact achieved has been nothing short of remarkable. Due to the pandemic the company had to rapidlly scale up from a one-man-band to nearly one hundred volunteers. It is a pleasure and a priveledge to be a part of this incredible team with a life-saving mission, and was so moving to art direct and design a summary of the outcomes of everyone's efforts and kindness.