Rape Crisis Centre, Jerusalem


Concept Development
Creative Strategy

A collaboration with

Tal Maimon
Shiran Berry ​​


Branding and campaigning for the Rape Crisis Centre in Jerusalem with the aim of promoting public dialogue about sexual violence and calling for action to fighting against it. 

The Challenge

Unify and Magnify
The Rape Crisis Centre was established over 20 years ago by women devoted to fighting against sexual violence at a time when talking about it was even less acceptable than it is now. Their main focus was, and remained, on interpersonal communication with women who come forward to seek help. As with many non-profit organisations that rely on donations and volunteers, most of the Centre’s resources go to immediate relief with some activities in the education and business sectors.
Our challenge was to create a clear and inclusive message to convey the Centre’s agenda, and design the right tools for use by the staff to help differentiate and magnify how the different audiences are addressed.

The Solution: A

Hope - A strong Collective with a Clear Agenda
We designed an identity and establishing a tone of voice that offers hope and support. For example, the logo is made out of two figures representing empowerment, dialogue and comprehension. Its shape is made open, soft and round to inspire hope and suggest continuity as it rises.
We also changed the Centre’s message to one of inclusion and positive impact by replacing the old slogan “you are not alone” with the new “we are with you”. We also copyedited and created content for all written materials to coincide with the new tone of voice.

quad fold brochure

A New Set of Tools

A small quad-fold brochure with essential information. It contains a short introduction to the Centre's services as well as contact information in three languages, and can easily fit in a purse or a pocket.

The Solution: B

Fight - Personification of the Truth
We created two campaigns for raising awareness and promoting public dialogue about sexual violence and calling for action to fight against it. One campaign addresses the male gender spectrum and uses infographics to highlight the reality of sexual violence being everyone's problem. The other campaign aims to identify sexual violence in the public sphere and calls out against abuse of power by portraying celebrities who are convicted sexual offenders, alongside a list of all charges against them.

Infographic posters for one in three women and one in six men will be sexually attacked during their lifetime

Bodyguard to former IDF Chief of Staff convicted of sexually attacking a woman after his bachelor's party

A high-ranking IDF officer and senior politician convicted of sexually attackuing three women while serving in three different public offices

A legendary singer convicted of rape and attempted rape

Renowned actor convicted of sexually attacking and raping at least six women and underaged girls throughout his career 

State President, a Member of Knesset and council chairman, convicted of multiple rape and sexual violence charges while serving in three different public offices as well as attempted bribery