I lead projects that focus on education and social impact, from concept development to completion, be it as an Art Director, Creative Consultant, Graphic Designer, Illustrator or Copywriter.

I collaborate with clients across the globe to create work that communicates powerful messages that inform, empower and engage the public to change narratives, and transform the actions of decision-makers. 

I believe I have a responsibility to use my knowledge and skills as a creative to benefit our society, and that is my driving force - doing good by design.

The best solutions always come from working together. Tell me about your next project here.

I've worked with Sir Ronald Cohen, Bankuet, Riseup, GUS Group, Videre Est Credere, Davidson Institute for Science Education, Education Now Magazine, National Teachers Day Initiative, Bezalel Arts & Design Academy, MK Merav Michaeli, Rape Crisis Centre Jerusalem and more.

Short Bio
Mine is a story that starts in a different industry altogether, as I followed my passion for Music. I gained experience in international live music production which lead me to find my purpose in design.

While studying for a B.Des degree at Bezalel Arts & Design Academy, I felt that I found my vocation when I experienced first hand the true power of design as a social impact tool while rebranding a Rape Crisis Centre.

After I completed my studies, I worked in a large, fast-paced advertising agency and then in a boutique branding studio. Four years ago I set out as a freelancer and co-founded Hameriza - a collective of creative designers working together with Non-Profit and Profit-for-Purpose organisations and entrepreneurs to spark social change through design.

Art Direction
Brand Identity
Concept Development
Editorial Design
Print & Production

Product Design
Web Design